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The Quilt Store

Dawna offers professional quilting services in the north metro Denver, CO area!

Prices are based on square inch measurement.
To get your total square inches, multiply length by width.

Twin size: 72 X 90 = 6,480 sq/in

Edge to Edge Quilting is 0.026 (2.6 cents) per sq/in
A twin-sized quilt that is 6,480 sq/in would cost $168.48 to have it quilted.

Binding Service
Machine Binding - Binding is sewn to back of quilt and stitched down to the front.
Cost - 15 cents a linear inch
Sew Binding to Quilt top only - Binding is machine sewn to the front of your quilt, so that it is ready for you to hand stitch down themselves. Cost - 10 cents a linear inch​.
Cut and Piece Binding Strips - Cost $5.00.

Extra Services
Ironing top or backing:  $10.00 each
Piece Backing:     $10.00
Repair Seam:        $5.00 each

All of Dawna's pantograph designs are available in any size on your quilt.
We also have many other designs available from other designers.

Click here to contact us to make an appointment to bring in your quilt.

Call 303-465-0750 or email