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Create Beautiful Designs

​Please provide a nicely pressed, squared up backing that is at least 8 inches bigger than the top.
Be sure all loose threads are trimmed from the top and the top is nicely pressed as well.
When attaching borders to your quilt, avoid just sewing your long strips on and trimming off the extra.
This causes fullness in your borders and may lead to puckering as the top is quilted.
Instead, measure through the center of your quilt and CUT your borders that exact length.
Mark the quarter measurements on both the quilt and the border and attach it evenly.
Click Here to watch a video on attaching borders.
Avoid adding extra bling to your quilt until it has been quilted. This includes buttons, beads, crystals, etc.

Other services we offer include machine binding. That is 0.15 (fifteen cents) a LINEAR inch.
In the twin size example you have (72 + 90) x 2 = 324 linear inches. 324 x 0.15 = $48.60.

We also offer batting for sale:
Hobbs 80/20. $11.25/yd for 96 inches wide Natural
Hobbs 80/20  $13.50/yd for 120 inches wide Natural
Hobbs 80/20 $12.00/yd for 108 inches wide Bleached White
Hobbs 100% Cotton $14.00/yd - 96 inch Bleached White with Scrim
Hobbs Heirloom Wool $20.75/yd - 108 inch Wide
​You may also provide your own batting. Or we have a few select packages of 100% cotton Quilters Dream batting for sale in the store.

Call today to make an appointment and bring your quilt in to be quilted!